Who We Are

MarchFirst is an independent and partner owned M&A boutique focusing on Nordic SME’s. The company was incorporated in 2000 and has been involved in several hundred transactions in most sectors and all asset classes. We are located very centrally in Oslo. We have extensive experience, a broad network, and the ability to carry out complex processes with enthusiasm. We experience a lot of repeat business from our network and we aim to be a long term trusted partner for our clients. When our clients succeed – we succeed.

Our Values

The company's foremost values are integrity, independence, and perseverance.


We understand the importance of treating all assignments with the utmost confidentiality. What is optimal for our clients is good for us, in that order.

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We offer independent service to our clients - free of any conflicts of interest.

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We are enthusiastic and energetic in all our services and we believe in long term relationships with our clients.

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From left to right: Eirik Wekre, Petter Mannsverk Andresen, Alexander Åbyholm, Fernando Lopez, Joakim Jensen